You Are Here is a series of soundscapes that are made and played in specific areas. Each one comprises of conversations with residents and communities in that area and field recordings made in the area. Once the soundscape is made, it is played in darkness in that area, the idea being to offer audiences a chance to reimagine and visualise the place they call home. In the context of our fast paced and highly visual culture, it is also a chance to unwind and close your eyes for an hour or so. 
The piece began in Summer 2018 in Poplar at Poplar Union with support from Arts Council England, and the soundscape made for the area is available below. The aim is to tour the piece in 2019 and begin creating soundscapes that document locations in the UK, whether towns, cities, boroughs, hamlets or villages. 
The team:
Dramaturg: Bryony Byrne (Poplar)
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