A kinetic sculpture that plays sound from directional speakers that are mounted on tracks.

Over the last two years I’ve produced multiple projects that experiment with an audiences relationship to sound (Links: NOISE, You Are Here, 40KM, Alright Mate) . A lot of my process is about imagining how people may visualize the soundscapes, but until recently I have assumed an audience’s role must be passive, and I am looking to experiment with how it can be made more active and playful. By combining directional speakers with movement, I am looking to incorporate a spatial element to my work with audio, inviting audiences to move with and between speakers, and in doing so also create a performative element for those watching the participants. The movement may be in response to the audio, or it could be a lot more choreographed. 

Below are a couple of early sketches. I am to get this project of the ground in the near future. As yet untitled. ​​​​​​​
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