THUD-THUMP in the soil. Hard Work on the surface. Nothing in the sky.
Noise is an immersive audio-performance that intervenes in and comments on the pace of modern life. The piece is set on a fictional Dartmoor, and follows two characters; an insomniac mole, and a dog-tired builder on two intertwined missions to find tranquillity in a world that’s lost its moon.
The story is told in darkness, using the second person tense, with an immersive speaker setup. During the show, objects are passed around the audience, correlating to the narrative, playing with smell and touch. NOISE is accessible for those with visual impairment. 
The piece tells a unique and contemporary tale of our relationship with the natural world in the style of a meditation tape.
 "Auditory storytelling of gentle genius, hard to describe!" 
Audience member
"Enchanting, novel, suprising"
Audience member
"A sensory story for grown-ups. It was beautiful and heart-warming and a bit tingly. It was brilliant and I'm so glad I came to see it."
Audience member​​​​​​​
Past dates
26/7 March 2018: The Bike Shed Theatre
10 July : Arnolfini Gallery (Bristol Old Vic Ferment)
21 July 2018 : Exeter Phoenix
2 March 2019: Salisbury playhouse
28 March 2019: The Old Library, Bodmin
15-18 April 2019: Theatre Royal Plymouth

The team
The mole - Thea Mackney
The builder - Ric Wadsworth
Radio presenter - Emma Wadsworth
The owl - Katherine Stevens
Audio support - Tom Nicholas

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