A one-hour audio experience using bone-conducting headphones that invite audiences to take a walk and see the materials around them in new ways. The story follows titanium dioxide, the base pigment in almost all paint and primary pigment in almost all white paint. It follows this chemical from the formation of the earth to mines, ships, chemical plants, factories, building sites, and the space you are in. 
The Gifting Trail
An interactive guided tour to introduce the local community to the orchards of Exmouth - a communal resource with seasonal offerings. Commissioned by Wild Exmouth and Anne-Marie Culhane.
NOISE is an immersive audio performance following the intertwined journeys of an insomniac mole and exhausted construction seeking tranquillity in a world that’s lost its moon. NOISE is a unique storytelling experience using sound, touch and smell to meditate on the pace of modern living and our relationship with the living world.​​​​​​​
NOISE toured to venues including Arnolfini Gallery and The Bike Shed Theatre.
"A sensory story for grown-ups. It was beautiful and heart-warming and a bit tingly. It was brilliant and I'm so glad I came to see it." - Audience member​​​​​​​
You Are Here: Poplar​​​​​​​
You Are Here was a soundscape made and played in Poplar, which at the time was the fastest developing urban space in Europe. The audio was a mediation on the area, comprising of conversations with residents and field recordings of Poplar. The soundscape was made on a residency at Poplar Union, where it was played in darkness in the performance space and on an installation in the cafe. The piece was dramaturged by Bryony Byrne.
Stomping On Shadows
Commissioned and produced by Theatre West, this was my first piece of writing for theatre; a one-hour madcap adventure play following a near-endless sporting spectacle across the world performed at Hamilton House, Bristol.
"Four million anxious, caffeinated Londoners jostle on the start line preparing to begin the thousand-mile triathlon."