A new project being developed to launch in Autumn 2020, contingent on social distancing measures.
The project will be a three stage process, repeated and expanded geographically. This is all subject to further R&D.

Stage 1.
Invite a diverse range of individuals and communities to take part in beach cleans and litter picks. Each litter pick will culminate in a social picnic. All participants will be reimbursed the living wage for their time and have travel expenses covered. 

Stage 2. 
Break the reclaimed plastics down and injection mould them into litter pickers that are engraved with the location and date that their constituent plastics where salvaged. The litter pickers will be designed to be modular for different access needs.

Stage 3. 
Either donate the litter pickers back to the community to salvage more plastics, sell them or hire them out. This is the least developed stage of the project, but would ideally become a kind of co-operative model where the sell and hire of litter pickers yield dividends to the communities who salvaged the plastics that made them.

The aims are:
Offer communities/individuals who may experience isolation a social experience.
Offer communities/individuals who may have limited access an outdoors experience. 
Help mobilise communities to protect their local environment.

If you would like to learn more or register interest in getting involved, please get in touch using the contact form below.
Thank you!

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