Look around. 
Where did all this stuff come from?
Handmade is a creation story about the materials we use, and their journeys across the planet. 
Handmade is a one-hour audio experience using open-ear headphones that invites audiences to take a walk and see the material world in new ways. 
The start and end point for the experience are the foyer of Exeter Library. There will be clear signposts within the library. 
Audiences are encouraged to wrap up warm as the experience will take you outside. 
Tickets are pay-what-you-decide after the experience. Deposit required whilst in possession of headphones e.g debit card, keys​​​​​​​.
Booking in advance advised.
Created by: Hugh McCann​​​​​​​
Dramaturg: Paula Crutchlow
Voice acting: Angela Owiti
Sound designer: Josh Barfoot
Graphic Design: Ben Bowen
Playtest group: Paula Crutchlow, Stephen Hodge, Richard Rochester, Ian Cook
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