Hello! I'm Hugh and I start creative projects that usually have some kind of community involvement. Sometimes I finish these projects, but I am trying to treat my 20's as a big R&D phase for what I hope I will be making in my 30's. 
The idea behind this is to try and build a 'cathedral', something which will take a lifetime. And for something that will take that long to make, there should be a sufficiently long period of sketching and trying different things. Brian Cox says that interstellar travel will be the cathedral of the modern age, a pursuit that necessarily must be achieved over multiple lifetimes. I have no idea what my 'cathedral' project will be, but I hope whatever I can make in this lifetime will outlast me. 
This is why I am starting a blog, and have deleted all social media accounts. I feel like social media is a great place for experiencing the moment, a panoramic snapshot in time of but is incapable of building towards anything as it fractures time into granules that are difficult to reassemble. I do believe social media can be a tool for good, and don't criticise anyone trying to use it for positive ends, but I don;t have the patience or temperment for that, so have got rid of it. 

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