I am a multidisciplinary artist with training and experience in fine art and theatre. I am currently interested in how non-visual experiences can intervene in our highly visual and fast paced culture. At the moment, I am working on writing plays, delivering public art projects, and creating site-responsive experiences. I am based in Devon, where I am a resident artist at arts studio Kaleider.  My work has been shown at venues including Theatre 503, BAC, Theatre Royal Plymouth and The Bike Shed Theatre. I'm currently co-president of the Dramaturgs' Network.

CV | hughmccann94@gmail.com | 07758446216 | Personal data policy

Below are some paintings I like.

The Disquieting Duck by Asger Jorn

Excavation by Willem de Kooning

Francis Bacon - Sand Dune 2

The Harvesters by Pieter Bruegel

Snow Storm: Hannibal and his army crossing the Alps by JMW Turner

A violent forcing of the frog - Hieronymous Bosch

This is the fun - David Salle

Man dressed as bat - Peter Doig

George Shaw - The rude screewm

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