This May, as part of Art Week Exeter, with support for the St. James forum, I will be delivering a public art installation based in and about Queen's Crescent Garden in Exeter, here.  You can access an up to date record of progress here, and see images of the design-in-progress at the bottom of this page.

Your Invitation to contribute

Exeter residents, specifically living in or connected to the St. James area, you are invited to take part in the creation of a new public art piece Advice Pavilion which will be installed in Queens Crescent Garden this May (22-28).

The installation will be a small pavilion), which will be covered in life advice gathered from residents in and around St. James. The piece will be a monument to local wisdom, and at a time of increasing social fragmentation, a way of bringing together the local and wider community, to learn from eachother, whether temporary or permanent residents. As students, who often fall into the former category, I am particularly interested in how you feel connected to the area and what you feel you may be able to offer by way of advice to the local community.

The advice I am looking for from residents can be general life advice, advice with a story, advice to specific situations, advice to a younger you, funny advice, serious advice, small advice, the best advice you ever received – the only condition is that is offered with the interests of those who may read it in mind!

If you would like to be part of the project, all you need to do is submit your advice in the form below, and specify if you would like to be named or anonymous. A up to date record of progress can also be found here.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you!

Impression of finished piece. This will then be literally plastered with advice that has been printed on large colourful sheet of paper. 

Construction diagram.

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