40KM was a collaborative project between myself and sonic artist Josh Barfoot. It is a live performance entirely generated from the field recordings and field notes gathered from a marathon walk through the surrounding space of the host venue.
These fragments of sound and word are combined in a live, semi-improvised performance that is presented in total darkness.
In the context of our highly visual culture, we were interested in offering audiences a chance to reimagine and re-inhabit spaces which have become familiar.
40KM was funded by the Goldsmiths University Special Project Fund.

Performance: 15/05/17: Theatre 503
Walk: 12/12/16: Wanstead Flats to Richmond Park

Performance: 03/02/17: Goldsmiths Campus
Walk: 12/12/16: Wanstead Flats to Richmond Park

Performance: 03/06/17: Theatre Royal Plymouth.
Walk: 08/04/17: Plymouth Train Station, Cattedown, Barbican, Stonehouse, Mt. Edgecumbe, Stoke, Peverell, Crownhill, Manadon, Hartley, Mutley, Plymouth Train Station.
Performance: 09/07/17: The Boatshed
Walk: 04/06/17: Pennslyvania Exeter, City Centre, Quay, Countess Weir, Topsham, Exton, Lympstone, Exmouth City Centre, Exmouth Beach.
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